Tuesday, February 5, 2013

All About Me!

Hi!  I am Lauren.  I LOVE to ride!!  I love to play with my Breyer horses.  It is fun to paint.  I like to ride my pony, Roadie.  He is so sweet!  He does like to get on your last nerve!  I still love him!

I also love fashion at home and at the barn.  I hope to tell you all about some of my favorite things to wear at the barn, horse shows, and other fun places!

I love to do eventing.  I don't have my pony at my new eventing barn yet, but when I get him down there I will be able to do all kinds of fun eventing stuff!  Right now I am riding Graffitti and Zan and learning dressage.  They are big horses and really fun to ride!  I used to ride hunters and I could have never switched to eventing without my first trainer, Mrs. Tatum, because she helped me learn how to ride correctly and get my position.  My new trainer, Lauren, is really nice and she helps me with lots of fun dressage stuff.  She has the best name ever, Lauren, just like me!!  I can't wait to learn how to do cross country!


  1. Lauren, I love your blog! It sounds like you love to do so many fun things! You are using words that I don't even know, words like "eventing" and "dressage". I hope you keep riding and painting and blogging! Great job, Lauren!

  2. Very cool, Lauren! I can't wait to see what all kinds of things you post!