Thursday, August 6, 2015

Something Exciting!

Sorry that I have been gone so long.  I just kind of let this blog fall apart but I am back now and plan to post more often!

Something really exciting has happened!  While I was cross country schooling at Chattahoochee Hills a man named Jim Holbel was taking pictures and took one of me and Wicket going over a ditch.  Wicket jumped the ditch so high and the picture was posted on my trainers Facebook account.  A company called Equiflexsleeves saw the picture and posted it on their page.  They said that they didn't know who I was and a friend told them it was me!  The company asked me to write a mini-blog and also is giving me free Equiflexsleeves!  In pink, of course! 

THEN my trainer, Lauren Eckardt, sent it to Eventing Nation so they gave me a free account!  I was so happy so now I hope I might can do another blog on there sometime.  Here is the link!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

My first Tadpole Show!

Hi everyone!
I got to do my first Tadpole show at Chattahoochee Hills a couple of weeks ago.  I was very excited because I have been watching my brother compete there and I always wanted to compete there too!  It was also my first time in the Tadpole division.  The Tadpole division means you get to jump 2 feet!  I also got to go cross-country schooling for the first time after the show.  When I jumped the first XC jump I yelled "Why have I never done this before??"  I didn't want to get off the course!  I can't wait until the next time!  Here are some pictures!
2 Foot Jumps!!  Fun!  We didn't knock down any jumps, but we took it slow and steady and got some time faults.  Next time, I'm going to go fast!

Mom only took videos of the XC Schooling, but here is a shot from the video of me jumping a log!

You have to salute for the judge in dressage.  The judge gave us a 33!!  That's a good score, the lower the better in eventing!

Wicket is fun to ride!

Monday, November 4, 2013

New Pony

Wow!  It's been awhile since I have posted!  I am sorry!  We have been very busy.  The bad thing is that my pony Roadie went lame.  He got lots of shots, but he wouldn't stop limping.  We finally decided to retire him.  I was very sad and cried.  He is living with a really cool horse named Zan now.  He just hangs out and eats grass all day! 

The good thing is I got a new pony!  His name is Wicket and he is the cutest!  I love him so much!  Here is a picture!
I will show you more pictures later!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Day Purse!

My mom got me a purse made out of a feedbag. 

My new purse!

The inside.  It is lined in blue jeans and has a cute pocket.  You can also read part of the directions to feed your horse!

Close up of the tag

When she went to my brothers IEA show, she knew it was for me.  I love it!  It is so cool!  It is made in the USA by the

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Roadie is famous!

Hi again!  I was just at school and I saw Roadie in the newspaper when my Dad was bringing me lunch!  I was really excited because I have never seen him in the newspaper before.  He is really cute because he had his new coat on and everything!  I put the paper in my desk so I can look at him every day!

Here is the link to the paper:
Roadie's picture

All About Me!

Hi!  I am Lauren.  I LOVE to ride!!  I love to play with my Breyer horses.  It is fun to paint.  I like to ride my pony, Roadie.  He is so sweet!  He does like to get on your last nerve!  I still love him!

I also love fashion at home and at the barn.  I hope to tell you all about some of my favorite things to wear at the barn, horse shows, and other fun places!

I love to do eventing.  I don't have my pony at my new eventing barn yet, but when I get him down there I will be able to do all kinds of fun eventing stuff!  Right now I am riding Graffitti and Zan and learning dressage.  They are big horses and really fun to ride!  I used to ride hunters and I could have never switched to eventing without my first trainer, Mrs. Tatum, because she helped me learn how to ride correctly and get my position.  My new trainer, Lauren, is really nice and she helps me with lots of fun dressage stuff.  She has the best name ever, Lauren, just like me!!  I can't wait to learn how to do cross country!