Thursday, August 6, 2015

Something Exciting!

Sorry that I have been gone so long.  I just kind of let this blog fall apart but I am back now and plan to post more often!

Something really exciting has happened!  While I was cross country schooling at Chattahoochee Hills a man named Jim Holbel was taking pictures and took one of me and Wicket going over a ditch.  Wicket jumped the ditch so high and the picture was posted on my trainers Facebook account.  A company called Equiflexsleeves saw the picture and posted it on their page.  They said that they didn't know who I was and a friend told them it was me!  The company asked me to write a mini-blog and also is giving me free Equiflexsleeves!  In pink, of course! 

THEN my trainer, Lauren Eckardt, sent it to Eventing Nation so they gave me a free account!  I was so happy so now I hope I might can do another blog on there sometime.  Here is the link!

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